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White, Darrington E.

Darrington White graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Music Degree, with an emphasis in Education. He has 23 years experience teaching music grades K-5 as well as beginning band, concert band and marching band in the Texas public schools in both small and large school districts. His bands have won numerous awards at festivals and contests. Mr. White has also served as an adjudicator and clinician for invitational and U.I.L. band contests in the state of Texas. He is presently the band director of Tolar High School in Tolar, Texas. He has written and arranged various works for marching and concert band. Mr. White is a member of the Texas Bandmasters Association, the Association of Texas Small School Bands, the Texas Music Educators Association and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

  • Band Rox!
    $50.00 Choose Options Band Rox!
    Band Rox! is an energetic rock piece for young band that features all sections of the band on the melody in some form. This piece is written for limited instrumentation so that smaller ensembles may perform it, as well as...
    Band Rox!
  • Dojo!
    $45.00 Choose Options Dojo!
    Dojos were used as training facilities for many of the Japanese physical arts such as martial arts or sports training. Today, by Western standards, a dojo is usually referred to as a place to study the various martial arts...
  • First Christmas Trilogy
    $45.00 Choose Options First Christmas Trilogy
    "First Christmas Trilogy" was arranged for beginning band and includes three popular songs. The transition for each song flows smoothly into the next song, each written in the same key. Jingle Bells by James Lord Pierpont...
    First Christmas Trilogy
  • O Come All Ye Faithful
    $45.00 Choose Options O Come All Ye Faithful
    Composer: Darrington E. White Grade Level: 0.5 TRN CD Number: 55 Time: 2:05 View Score PDF Original Hymn: "O Come All Ye...
    O Come All Ye Faithful
  • On the Move
    $45.00 Choose Options On the Move
    On The Move was originally written as a quick-step march for the W.F. George Middle School Band to use for teaching marching fundamentals. W.F. George Middle School is located in Iowa Park, TX and Elizabeth Wetherbee is the...
    On the Move
  • Tiger Galop (March)
    $50.00 Choose Options Tiger Galop (March)
    Tiger Galop is dedicated to the students, faculty, administration and staff of Centerville High School in Centerville, Texas. Tiger Galop portrays images of the students of Centerville High School, as they participate and...
    Tiger Galop (March)
  • Tolar March
    $45.00 Choose Options Tolar March
    Tolar March is dedicated to Tolar High School which is located in Tolar, Texas. Tolar is a small rural community located in North Central Texas in Hood County. The high school is well known for its high academic standards...
    Tolar March
  • Trail Ride
    $45.00 Choose Options Trail Ride
    Composer: Darrington E. White Grade Level: 0.5 TRN CD Number: 52 Time: 2:15 View Score PDF...
    Trail Ride

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