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O'Neil, Stuart P.

Stuart P. O’Neil (b. 1969) has taught vocal and instrumental music in the Kansas public school system for twelve years. He received a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Nebraska and a master of music theory degree from the University of Kansas. His compositions for choir, band, jazz band and orchestra have been performed by school, university and community ensembles throughout the Kansas City and Omaha areas. In addition to his work as a teacher and composer, Mr. O’Neil is also an arranger, accompanist, adjudicator and conductor. He currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with his wife and two children.

  • Banks of the Delaware, The
    $55.00 Choose Options Banks of the Delaware, The
    About the music A distinct blend of woodland and prairie, the northeast region of Kansas is among the most beautiful in the state, and the Delaware River is one of many meandering through its lush and rolling landscape. The...
    Banks of the Delaware, The
  • He's Gone Away
    $55.00 Choose Options He's Gone Away
    This arrangement of He’s Gone Away is very straightforward. The folk melody is beautiful with a melancholy quality, and I have attempted to create an elegant and restrained setting. While various solo instruments and...
    He's Gone Away
  • Irish Wedding Dances
    $50.00 Choose Options Irish Wedding Dances
    Irish Wedding Dances was composed for and performed at the wedding ceremony of two very dear friends. Originally scored for strings and harp, the piece has been expanded into its current format for concert band. While not...
    Irish Wedding Dances
  • March of the Troll King
    $45.00 Choose Options March of the Troll King
    March of the Troll King is a charming piece and an effective tool for introducing and reinforcing chromaticism with young band students. The instrument ranges are conservative and the rhythms simple so that the students are...
    March of the Troll King
  • Noel Nouvelet
    $50.00 Choose Options Noel Nouvelet
    Noël Nouvelet (Sing We a New Noel) is a traditional French carol that dates back to the early sixteenth century. The carol is also known by the English translations Christmas Comes Anew, Sing We a Glad Noel and Sing We...
    Noel Nouvelet
  • Pavane for Band
    $55.00 Choose Options Pavane for Band
    A pavane is a slow, stately dance of Italian or Spanish origin. In following with this tradition, Pavane for Band creates a musical statement in which the beauty of the piece comes entirely from its straightforward elegance...
    Pavane for Band

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