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Jacobs, Jason

Jason was born in Miami, Florida in 1974. He began composing in 1988 under the instruction of his high school band director, the renown composer Robert Longfield. In 1992 , he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a musician and attended the Naval School of Music in Norfolk Virginia. From 1993 to 1999, he served as a musician, composer, and arranger for both the Cherry Point, North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan Marine Bands. During that time he had compositions and arrangements performed across the United States and in seven different countries worldwide at events ranging from military ceremonies and sporting events to formal concerts and parades.

In 2000, Jason left music to become a helicopter pilot for the United States Army. After 12 years in Army Aviation and 3 tours in Afghanistan, Jason retired from active duty. Upon retirement Jason returned to music and began writing and arranging for his children’s high school band.

  • Tiptoe
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    Concert Notes: Shhhhhhhh…..scary things are all around. Ghosts and goblins arise. The coyote howls atop the hill and above, bats circle high. Quiet I must be. Slow and cautious. If I can just knock on a few more...

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