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Harbaugh, Lee

Lee was born March 31, 1971 in Dallas, Texas. As a youngster, he took a liking to music quite early. Throughout his elementary years, Lee was awarded numerous times for his musical compositions. At age 10, Lee began studying piano, and at age 12 he began playing the euphonium. In high school, Lee became a Texas all-state trombonist as well as first chair all-state euphoniumist. In college, Lee started as a trombone performance major but ended up with a B.A. in Music with an emphasis on composing for the media. While in college, he studied jazz piano and began to enjoy playing the piano more and more. After he graduated in 1994 from The University of Texas at Arlington, he began teaching piano and trombone as well as writing music for piano, band, orchestra, and various chamber ensembles. Today Lee continues to play piano and compose on a regular basis, and one of Lee’s band pieces, "Maranatha", is currently on the UIL prescribed music list for the state of Texas. Music, however, is not Lee’s full time “gig”. Lee is also employed as a software engineer by an Arlington, Texas investment company called First Rate, Inc. Lee currently lives in Arlington, Texas and is married to Heather Harbaugh. Lee and Heather have 6 kids: Suzanne, Josh, Melinda, Kaden, Rachel, and Emily. Their age ranges? 12 to 2.

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