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Daniels, M.L.

M. L. Daniels was born in Cleburne, Texas in 1931. He received his bachelor’s degree at Abilene Christian University in 1955 after serving three years in a U.S. Air Force band, and completed his doctorate at the University of North Texas in 1964, where he studied composition with Samuel Adler. He was on the music faculty at Abilene Christian University from 1959 until 1993, where he served as assistant band director and taught music theory, orchestration, counterpoint, analysis, and composition. There he also served as chairman of the music department for 15 years. Since his early retirement in 1993, he has spent much of his time writing music and judging school bands and orchestras. He has won the National School Orchestra Association’s composition contest five times, and has won the Texas Orchestra Directors Association contest one time, which is the maximum allowed. He has over 100 published compositions, some of which are now out of print. In addition, he has works published for brass ensemble, solo wind instrument and piano, solo voice and piano, SATB, SSA, and TTB choir, full orchestra, string orchestra, band, hymns, and string quartet. Currently he has 14 compositions on the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List. He has served as staff arranger for Warner Bros. Music, has been commissioned to write band sight reading music for the Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) contests, and choral sight reading music for the Greater Southwest Festival.

  • Crusader's Theme
    $45.00 Choose Options Crusader's Theme
    Composer: M.L. Daniels Grade Level: 2 TRN CD Number: 2 Time: 3:22 Original Hymn: "Fairest Lord Jesus"...
    Crusader's Theme
  • Jangle Bills
    $30.00 Choose Options Jangle Bills
    Originally published by Soundcast. Sole distributor TRN. A must buy for Christmas parades. Composer: M.L. Daniels Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 5 Time:...
    Jangle Bills
  • Sakura Variants
    $65.00 Choose Options Sakura Variants
    After the initial statement of this famous Japanese song, the rest of the composition appears in ternary (ABA) form: fast, slow, fast. While variations found in the compositions of earlier composers might keep the melody and...
    Sakura Variants
  • Tower Concert March
    $45.00 Choose Options Tower Concert March
    Composer: M.L. Daniels Grade Level: 2 TRN CD Number: 2 Time: 2:53 View Score PDF...
    Tower Concert March
  • Victory
    $55.00 Choose Options Victory
    Victory was written in memory of Charles Trevathan, a fellow colleague at Abilene Christian University. Trevathan was a lawyer who played saxophone and piano and was a fan of all kinds of music, especially classical. The...

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