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Grade 4

  • Abram's Pursuit
    $90.00 Choose Options Abram's Pursuit
    In the fourteenth chapter of Genesis there is a story of a rebellion led by Chedorlaomer, the King of Elam. Chedorlaomer and three other Kings joined together to ravage and conquer everything that lay in their path. They...
    Abram's Pursuit
  • American Faces
    $95.00 Choose Options American Faces
    American Faces was commissioned by Scott McCormick and Bands of America for the 1995 Bands of America National Honor Band. It will be premiered at the National Concert Band Festival in the spring of 1995 and released by TRN...
    American Faces
  • Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong
    $90.00 Choose Options Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong
    One of my earliest recollections growing up in the Hardin Methodist Church was that wonderful Sunday when the new "Red" Hymnals arrived. For as long as I could remember we always sang out of ragged and worn black hymnals...
    Fantasy on a Gaelic Hymnsong
  • Festal Scenes
    $95.00 Choose Options Festal Scenes
    Festal Scenes is already well known in this country, having been performed from the manuscript by the University of Illinois Band (under the direction of James Keene) in a performance for the American Bandmasters Association...
    Festal Scenes
  • In Memoriam
    $95.00 Choose Options In Memoriam
    Commissioned by The Revelli Foundation in memory of long-time Bands of America friend and colleague, L.J. Hancock, Director of Bands, Norwin High School, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Premiered June 29, 2002 at Illinois...
    In Memoriam
  • Konigsmarsch
    $85.00 Choose Options Konigsmarsch
    Composer: Roger Barrett Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 17 Time:...
  • Nilesdance
    $90.00 Choose Options Nilesdance
    This is the second of his works titled for the second of his children, Niles. It follows Havendance in both spirit and character. It is built on the expected ostinato and variations on a whimsical 13 1/2 beat melodic...
  • Three London Miniatures
    $95.00 Choose Options Three London Miniatures
    I have had the pleasure of visiting Great Britain on three occasions; twice for professionally related work in 1975 and 1995, and most recently while on a family vacation during the Holiday Season, December-January, 1996-97...
    Three London Miniatures

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