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  • From Maine to Oregon (March)
    $65.00 Choose Options From Maine to Oregon (March)
    John Philip Sousa's march "From Maine to Oregon" was composed in 1913. The march is credited to Sousa's operetta The American Maid. This patriotic production was the last of Sousa's operettas to be produced. This rousing...
    From Maine to Oregon (March)
  • Ft. McIntosh
    $45.00 Choose Options Ft. McIntosh
    "Fort McIntosh" is located on the campus of Laredo Community College in Laredo, Texas. Originally it was known as Camp Crawford. The fort was renamed in honor of Lieutenant Colonel James Simmons McIntosh a hero in the Battle...
    Ft. McIntosh
  • Gallito
    $55.00 Choose Options Gallito
    Gallito, pasodoble, by Santiago Lope (1871-1906), edited by Roy Weger. Lope was an excellent arranger and composer. His knowledge of instrumentation was so highly respected that conductors of other bands, including La Banda...
  • General Horner in Arabia (March)
    $55.00 Choose Options General Horner in Arabia (March)
    In 1991, the United States Air Force launched Operation Desert Storm, beginning the liberation of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War. The air campaign was commanded by Air Force General Charles Horner. This march, the third...
    General Horner in Arabia (March)
  • Gerona
    $55.00 Choose Options Gerona
    Gerona, pasodoble by Lope, edited by Roy Weger. This very beautiful Spanish march is a classic. This edition conforms closely to the original Spanish publication which has been out of print for many years due to a disastrous...
  • Greenway March
    $45.00 Choose Options Greenway March
    The Hale brothers first and best selling march for TRN. Very easy, but sounds very solid. Clarinets don't cross the break. All WW and brass have easy ranges. Quarter, eighth and half notes. Composer: Ralph and Jack...
    Greenway March
  • Griffin's Grand Entry
    $60.00 Choose Options Griffin's Grand Entry
    Composed for my friend Pete Griffin when he achieved his dream on becoming a band director at the University of Ililnois. A fellow euphonium player, we start the tribute with lyrical countermelody for euphonium that...
    Griffin's Grand Entry
  • Ha' Penny March
    $55.00 Choose Options Ha' Penny March
    Ha' Penny March won first prize in the 1992 Abraham Frost Competition sponsored by the University of Miami School of Music and was premiered by the University of Miami Wind Ensemble on April 16, 1992. Although the structural...
    Ha' Penny March
  • Happy-Go-Lucky (March)
    $45.00 Choose Options Happy-Go-Lucky (March)
    Happy-Go-Lucky is a concert march style work with some modern chords used to give the piece a feeling of a "today" sound and is written in a large A-B-A form. A is stated by the upper woodwinds accompanied by the lower brass...
    Happy-Go-Lucky (March)
  • Hawks' Ridge (March)
    $60.00 Choose Options Hawks' Ridge (March)
    I wrote Hawks' Ridge to honor Lt. Gen. George Crocker, former Ft. Lewis, Washington post commander, upon his retirement in September, 1999. It shares its trio D. S. form, key signatures, and certain motifs with W. Paris...
    Hawks' Ridge (March)
  • Hickory Bridge March
    $45.00 Choose Options Hickory Bridge March
    Hickory Bridge March is a result of a student composition project undertaken by 7th and 8th grade band students during a four-week summer band program offered by the Chesapeake (Virginia) Public Schools. The students were...
    Hickory Bridge March
  • Immer Fesch Marsch
    $55.00 Choose Options Immer Fesch Marsch
    by Richard Eilenburg. Not as demanding as most German marches. Composer: Eilenberg Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 13 Time:...
    Immer Fesch Marsch

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