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  • Hebrew Folk Song Suite #2
    $70.00 Choose Options Hebrew Folk Song Suite #2
    Composer: Leroy Osmon Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 7 Time:...
    Hebrew Folk Song Suite #2
  • Hill-Song No. 2
    $85.00 Choose Options Hill-Song No. 2
    Composer: Percy Grainger Grade Level: 5 TRN CD Number: 8 Time:...
    Hill-Song No. 2
  • Hopak Raskolniki
    $85.00 Choose Options Hopak Raskolniki
    I am genuinely pleased that arrangements were made between C.L. Barnhouse and TRN for the re-release of "Hopak Raskolniki". This was only my second composition for concert band (circa 1980), but its use of layered lines over...
    Hopak Raskolniki
  • I Wander Deep in Thought
    $60.00 Choose Options I Wander Deep in Thought
    Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843-1907) was a composer representative of Norwegian nationalism and is best know for his short piano pieces, songs, and incidental orchestra music to plays. Grieg’s music shows a great influence of...
    I Wander Deep in Thought
  • Icarus and Daedalus Fantasy
    $95.00 Choose Options Icarus and Daedalus Fantasy
    Icarus and Daedalus (The Fantasy of Flight) In The Fantasy of Flight was commissioned by the Air Force Band of Flight in 1992, and received its world premiere at the Indiana and Ohio Music Educator's Association Conferences...
    Icarus and Daedalus Fantasy
  • Impressionist Prints
    $125.00 Choose Options Impressionist Prints
    Impressionist Prints is a major work for band inspired by six Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. The work consists of six contrasting sections depicting the work of the six painters. These sections can be played...
    Impressionist Prints
  • Irish Wedding Dances
    $50.00 Choose Options Irish Wedding Dances
    Irish Wedding Dances was composed for and performed at the wedding ceremony of two very dear friends. Originally scored for strings and harp, the piece has been expanded into its current format for concert band. While not...
    Irish Wedding Dances
  • Journey Into The Nile
    $55.00 Choose Options Journey Into The Nile
    Journey into the Nile was written and dedicated to the United South Middle School Band, Yolanda Moreno and San Juanita Rodriguez, Directors. The composer has used a variety of percussion instruments and timbres to help...
    Journey Into The Nile
  • Ke`anae
    $70.00 Choose Options Ke`anae
    In the summer of 2005, I visited the Ke‘anae (Kay-on-oo-ay) Peninsula on the Hawaiian island of Maui. On a tour of the “Road to Hana” which leads to Ke‘anae, our guide described that in the past, long distance communication...
  • La Comparsa
    $65.00 Choose Options La Comparsa
    Composer: Ernesto Lecuona arranged by Ben M. Walker Grade Level: 3.5 TRN CD Number: 64 Time: -:-- View Score...
    La Comparsa
  • La Plaza de Alamos
    $45.00 Choose Options La Plaza de Alamos
    Sunny, breezy days; cool starry nights . . . “La Plaza de Alamos” will transport you and your audience to the Central Plaza of this “Magical Village” in Mexico. Envision groups of friends in the arched doorways and on...
    La Plaza de Alamos
  • Lackawanna
    $45.00 Choose Options Lackawanna
    In many Native American cultures “The River” serves as a metaphor for life. The life of a river is expressed in its flow just as our lives are a continuous flow of experiences. Lackawanna is a musical...

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