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Grade 4

  • Abram's Pursuit
    $90.00 Choose Options Abram's Pursuit
    In the fourteenth chapter of Genesis there is a story of a rebellion led by Chedorlaomer, the King of Elam. Chedorlaomer and three other Kings joined together to ravage and conquer everything that lay in their path. They...
    Abram's Pursuit
  • Action Brass
    $80.00 Choose Options Action Brass
    Composer: Brian Sadler Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 64 Time: 4:00 View Score...
    Action Brass
  • American Spirit
    $60.00 Choose Options American Spirit
    Composed for and dedicated to theTexas A & M University-Kingsville Symphonic Band, Mr. Bryan Herring, Conductor. Composer: Dennis O. Eveland Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 41 Time: 2:51 View Score PDF...
    American Spirit
  • Amor de mi alma
    $80.00 Choose Options Amor de mi alma
    DEDICATION In the fall of 2009, I had the honor to study conducting, orchestration, and arranging under Takayoshi ‘Tad’ Suzuki - principal conductor of the TAD Wind Symphony (Japan) – when he was a member...
    Amor de mi alma
  • An American Tattoo
    $50.00 Choose Options An American Tattoo
    An American Tattoo was completed in February, 1993. Its basic idea is conceived from the origianl British tattoo, which is a sounding of the "post" for soldiers to report to their barracks in the evening. After the first...
    An American Tattoo
  • Arise, Fly Away
    $70.00 Choose Options Arise, Fly Away
    Inspiration for this piece came one morning following worship services. Mr. David Groves, the church organist, plays a postlude each Sunday and this particular morning he lit into a fiery arrangement of "I Will Arise." I was...
    Arise, Fly Away
  • Ascension
    $60.00 Choose Options Ascension
    Composer: Carl Strommen Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 53 Time: 6:58 View Score...
  • Asmodeus
    $80.00 Choose Options Asmodeus
    Asmodeus was commissioned for the 1990 Albernarle County Virginia Honors Band, Steve Layman and Christopher Card, Directors. The character of Asmodeus figures prominently in Jewish literature and folklore, particularly in...
  • Brief Celebration, A
    $60.00 Choose Options Brief Celebration, A
    A Brief Celebration was an outgrowth of a very fine high school theory class which I taught. I wanted students to understand the use of a small amount of thematic material, expanded - in this case a “tonic 6/4” chord. The...
    Brief Celebration, A
  • Bright Interlude
    $60.00 Choose Options Bright Interlude
    Composer: William E. Rhoads Grade Level: 4 TRN CD Number: 7 Time:...
    Bright Interlude
  • Capitan Majesty
    $65.00 Choose Options Capitan Majesty
    Capitan Majesty was commissioned in the spring of 1997 by the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi and the Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma of Texas Tech University. The piece was written in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ray...
    Capitan Majesty
  • Carah's Ballad, An Angel's Song
    $70.00 Choose Options Carah's Ballad, An Angel's Song
    Carah’s Ballad, " An Angel’s Song ", came about from my desire to compose wind band works. When composing, I chose to title the work Carah’s Ballad out of a combination of two names, Carol and Sarah ( The name "Carah" would...
    Carah's Ballad, An Angel's Song

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