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Grade 2.5

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  • Textures of Sound
    $55.00 Choose Options Textures of Sound
    This lushly romantic piece is band music at its best. Making use of the wide-ranging sonorities of the band, the work is a treat for both players and audience. The stately introduction makes use of the entire palette of the...
    Textures of Sound
  • Two Evening Carols
    $55.00 Choose Options Two Evening Carols
    Several years ago, I began working with combining well-known melodies and treating them with non-traditional harmonies. "Silent Night" by Franz Gruber and "Away in the Manger" by James Murray are two of the best examples I...
    Two Evening Carols
  • Two for the Show
    $50.00 Choose Options Two for the Show
    This piece was inspired by the old jingle "One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready, and Four to Go". However, since there are only two movments to the piece, it became "One to Get Ready, and Two to Go", and...
    Two for the Show
  • Westmorland Celebration
    $50.00 Choose Options Westmorland Celebration
    Westmorland Celebration was commissioned by Mr. William Franzen and the 1999-2000 Elementary School District 159 Symphonic Band of Matteson, Illinois. The band premiered the piece at its spring IGSMA band contest in March...
    Westmorland Celebration

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