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  • Gmyway's Revenge
    $125.00 Choose Options Gmyway's Revenge
    After oh-so-many "heavy" compositions, sometimes a composer just has to "let his hair down" and produce some musical "highjinks" simply to put all things into perspective! Having very little hair to sacrifice, Holsinger...
    Gmyway's Revenge
  • Graysondance
    $110.00 Choose Options Graysondance
    Under the auspices of a commission by Director Scott Guidry's Lafayette High School Symphonic Band of Lafayette, Louisiana, David Holsinger has completed Graysondance, his third and final installment of the "children's...
  • Great Escape, The
    $60.00 Choose Options Great Escape, The
    When composing “The Great Escape,” the composer tried to create an exciting work where listeners can envision all types of escapes. The listener can create a visual picture of a criminal trying to escape from...
    Great Escape, The
  • Harkness
    $95.00 Choose Options Harkness
    Composer: Thomas Briggs Grade Level: 5 TRN CD Number: 20 Time: 15:51...
  • Havendance
    $90.00 Choose Options Havendance
    This was the first of his works titled for the first of his children, Haven. It is built on an unrelenting rhythmic ostinato and variations. This has been one of our best sellers and is on many contest lists. We have an...
  • He's Gone Away
    $55.00 Choose Options He's Gone Away
    This arrangement of He’s Gone Away is very straightforward. The folk melody is beautiful with a melancholy quality, and I have attempted to create an elegant and restrained setting. While various solo instruments and...
    He's Gone Away
  • Helm Toccata
    $80.00 Choose Options Helm Toccata
    Quoting Holsinger, "I was delighted when Malcolm Helm called to ask if I would write a new work for his band." He had a fine group, which four trips to the Mid-West Clinic in Chicago would indicate. Almost immediately I had...
    Helm Toccata
  • Hero Music
    $95.00 Choose Options Hero Music
    In November, 2000, James F. "Pete" Evans, a long time band director, later school superintendent and Tennessee Music Education Association President, passed away after a long bout with cancer. Remembrances of Evans by former...
    Hero Music
  • Heron Bay
    $60.00 Choose Options Heron Bay
    This concert band work is the first movement of a suite in progress based on the poem of the same title written by Dr. Martin Galvin:Heron Bay There is a space for winter here to grow its ice. There is a place for a small...
    Heron Bay
  • Holiday Journey, A
    $45.00 Choose Options Holiday Journey, A
    Composer: Larry W. Howeth Grade Level: 0.5 TRN CD Number: 45 Time:...
    Holiday Journey, A
  • Hopak
    $45.00 Choose Options Hopak
    Composer: Gary C. White Grade Level: 3 TRN CD Number: 12 Time: 2:16...
  • Hurricane in Havana!
    $75.00 Choose Options Hurricane in Havana!
    Hurricane in Havana! is a Latin flavored piece for symphonic winds and percussion not based on an actual event, but is a musical depiction of a furious storm sweeping through the steamy streets of Havana. The piece begins...
    Hurricane in Havana!

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