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  • Fanfare and Caprice on
    $95.00 Choose Options Fanfare and Caprice on "Annie Lisle"
    This composition for the Bradley Central High School Symphonic Band is based partly on one of the best known “unknown” songs in American history. “Annie Lisle” is the name of an 1857 ballad by...
    Fanfare and Caprice on "Annie Lisle"
  • Fanfare and Festival
    $80.00 Choose Options Fanfare and Festival
    Fanfare and Festival was commissioned by Key Poulan and the Buchanan (Clovis, CA) High School Wind Ensemble. The premiere performance was given by Buchanan High School Wind Ensemble under the baton of Mr. Poulan in February...
    Fanfare and Festival
  • Fanfares
    $90.00 Choose Options Fanfares
    Fanfares is not based on a hymn tune, or on an extra-musical story, or any historical event - it is simply what it is, a "Celebration" work. Since it was written for a large symphonic band, I knew I had some extra players...
  • Fantasy on a Pyrenean Hymn
    $95.00 Choose Options Fantasy on a Pyrenean Hymn
    Band Directors Frank Amato and Ed Webber initially contacted me for a commission to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of Immaculata High School in Somerville, New Jersey. However, Frank and Ed also wanted to honor Sister...
    Fantasy on a Pyrenean Hymn
  • Fantasy on Barbara Allen
    $65.00 Choose Options Fantasy on Barbara Allen
    There are more than 100 variants of the folk song known as "Barbara Allen ("Barb'ry Ellen"). Most of them fall into two main groups, one diatonic and the other modal. This piece is based on two versions representing the two...
    Fantasy on Barbara Allen
  • Festiva Jubiloso
    $90.00 Choose Options Festiva Jubiloso
    Holsinger’s newest work is a concert festival piece, with alternating musical components; the first, a punctuated aggressive syncopated motive, the second, a rollicking humorous playful montage, and the third, a spirited...
    Festiva Jubiloso
  • Festival De Ladrones
    $65.00 Choose Options Festival De Ladrones
    Festival De Ladrones (subtitled in English as Festival of Thieves) was inspired by the many hours I spent as a child watching westerns with my father. Early in my childhood I was exposed to The Cowboys, The Magnificent...
    Festival De Ladrones
  • First Festival
    $40.00 Choose Options First Festival
    First Festival is an appealing work for players with limited experience, yet satisfying to more accomplished musicians. It is loaded with good teaching opportunities including slurs, staccato, dotted quarter and eighth note...
    First Festival
  • Flower Lady
    $40.00 Choose Options Flower Lady
    Expressive, yet a solid intro in 4/4. The melody is in the low clarinets with block rhythms in the brass and percussion. The melody moves to the brass with low brass / percussion continuing the rhythms and WW on obligato...
    Flower Lady
  • Four Short Festive Dances
    $50.00 Choose Options Four Short Festive Dances
    Four Short Festive Dances is a fun little selection that allows students the opportunity to learn about different dance styles from various areas of the world. The first dance is a “galliard,” which is a form of...
    Four Short Festive Dances
  • G Force: The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride
    $80.00 Choose Options G Force: The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride
    G FORCE: The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride takes your students and audience for a thrilling ride. This exciting piece includes dynamic wind and percussion writing that takes them for a journey that lasts over 3 minutes. This...
    G Force: The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride
  • Gears Pulleys Chains
    $95.00 Choose Options Gears Pulleys Chains
    Gears Pulleys Chains was composed on commission for Lisa Baker's marvelous ensemble, the Shelby High School Symphonic Band of Shelby, Ohio. The piece is dedicated to Jack F. Gray, retired Director of Bands, and honors him...
    Gears Pulleys Chains

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